Bio Oil / Bio Oils

What is bio oil and for what is it used?

Bio oil is – as the name implies – a biodegradable lubricant used for many types of machines. Bio oils are used in order to reduce friction and wear, as well as for cooling, vibration damping, sealing effect and corrosion protection. The aim in using bio oil is that the environment gets minimally polluted. Bio oils can be subclassified into grease, solid lubricants, liquid lubricants and gaseous lubricants. Depending on the machine, one of these bio oils can be used. If you do not know which one is appropriate for your machinery, you can look for advice of an expert in this branch. Important is that you find someone who has years of experience with lubricants and can consult you efficiently.

Benefits of bio oil

Using bio oil has many advantages. The most important one is that the environment does not get polluted that much, as the lubricant is biodegradable and minimally toxic. Of course this is only one point. Maybe the most important aspect for you is that your machinery will be protected in a perfect way. Bio oil is characterized by a high viscosity index, thermal and hydraulic stability, high resistance to oxidation, a high boiling point and a low freezing point. As long as you do the appropriate monitoring, your machinery will be safe with bio oils. Additionally bio oil has a long-term performance, which means that your costs will be reduced. In this manner, the wastage of resources will be restricted. In conclusion, in using bio oils not only you, but also the environment wins.